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In Bangladesh, Microsoft is Working to Address Cyber Crime Under SCP - Jeffrey Paine informs

Microsoft, the biggest software company in the world, is working hand in hand with the Bangladesh government to address cyber crime under a well-planned program called the Security Cooperation Program (SCP). On February 10, 2008, a workshop and discussion program on forensic investigations was held at a local hotel in Dhaka. The Security Cooperation Program is one example of how Microsoft cooperates with the governments throughout the world in the important field of IT security. The aim of the forensic investigations workshop was to address the various issues surrounding cyber crime and highlighted probable cyber crime threats to the national security and public safety. Some of the issues discussed included recognition of different types of cyber crimes, investigation techniques, Internet searching processes, digital signature and bonds, description of incidents and updates of recent threats of cyber crimes. In this forensic workshop the key concepts were presented by two senior Microsoft officials including IB Terry, the Investigative Consultant on the Microsoft Investigative Services Investigative Support Team (MSIST) and Jeffrey Paine, the Government Engagement Program Manager for public sector for the Asia Pacific region. The program commenced with a brief welcoming address by Microsofts Bangladesh Country Manager, Feroz Mahmud. The workshop which was arranged by public sector division of Bangladesh Government, was attended by approximately 75 officials and IT experts from different public sector entities.

I, Golap Monir, Editor-in-Charge of Monthly Computer Jagat, attended the event with our Associate Editor, Main Uddin Mahmood. We had the opportunity to speak with Jeffrey Paine and other two Microsoft employees, Freddy Tan, the Chief Security Advisor for South East Asia and Eric White, a Microsoft executive who is based in the Washington DC office. Thanks to K.M. Imran Al-Amin, Public Sector Manager of Microsoft Bangladesh Limited, who enabled us to meet with the Microsoft officials and for the opportunity to interview Paine. This is the second time we have had the chance to speak with Paine. During our initial meeting with him, he provided an overview of what the SCP Program is about and how it will benefit Microsofts public sector customers who participate in the program. Here are some excerpts from that initial interview: ? Computer Jagat: At the very good start, let our readers inform about the Microsofts Security Cooperation Program or SCP.
Jeffrey Paine: Microsofts Security Cooperation Program or SCP is a global initiative that enables Microsoft and governments to share information to improve computer incident response processes and user outreach. Microsoft developed this program two and a half years ago. Its a government engagement program and I myself, as a Government Engagement Program Manager for public sectors, work for the program across the Asia Pacific Region. Through SCP, Microsoft provides a structured way for governments and Microsoft to engage in cooperative security activities in areas of computer incident response, attack mitigation, and citizen outreach. Essentially, SCP is a government engagement program to address threats to national security, economic strength and public safety more efficiently and effectively through cooperating projects and information sharing.
? C. J.: What are the main components of SCP?

J.P.: The SCP is intended to help both the participating governments and Microsoft respond more effectively to computer security incidents and minimize the impact of attacks on user and critical IT infrastructure through cooperative projects and user education. So essentially the two main components of SCP are : 1) information sharing and 2) collaborative activities focused on mitigation and response to attacks.

Examples of information sharing include information about publicly known vulnerabilities that Microsoft is investigating, information about upcoming and released patches to facilitate resource planning and deployment, security incident metrics, incident information in the event of a critical incident or emergency and information on Microsoft product security. Examples of collaborative activities include cooperative consumer outreach and education activities and collaboration in computer incident responsive process.

? C.J.: Now regarding this program what is about the private partnership?

J.P.: Partnership between private sector and public sector organizations is valuable to help project critical IT infrastructure and promote computer security. We understand the importance of this type of partnership. The strategy behind the SCP program is to build strong relationships with the governments around the world. The scp program is designed exclusively as a government engagement program and aims to support our government customers. In the future we will try to develop a separate program dedicated for educational institutions.

? C.J.: How is Bangladesh responding to this program?
J.P.: Bangladesh is responding very positively to this program. Today we have two participants in Bangladesh who work in collaboration with Microsoft to share information about the cyber security. The SCP was launched in February 2005 and a government entity from Bangladesh signed an agreement with Microsoft in May 2007. Bangladesh was the first country outside of the United States to sign the Security Cooperation Program for Education (SCPe) with Microsoft. The SCPe program for educational institutions and is a new program under the umbrella of the main SCP. On December 17, 2007, American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) has become the first University outside of the United States to sign up for this prestigious program. SCP enables academic institutions to have access to the valuable security information provided under this program. As a participant AIUB and Microsoft work cooperatively to exchange information to mitigate security attacks.

? C.J.: Do you find any impediment to work with your Bangladeshi partners as well as Bangladeshi Trainees?

J.P.: One of the reasons that I made the choice to come in Bangladesh, that the Bangladeshi public sector professionals are very assertive in listening, sharing information and exchanging experiences. This is my sixth visit to Bangladesh, and every time I found our Bangladesh partners very positive. I appreciate their outstanding approach.
? C.J.: Is the training program you conducted here in Bangladesh different from the others you have carried out in other countries?
J.P: The program we are conducting here is a global program and its training programs are formulated for participants across the globe, so essentially, there is no special training program for any specific country. I think one of the general components of the Security Cooperation Program is the training. The training provides our customers with the latest information and expertise around online security. You will find that SCP has standardized training programs that we conduct across the globe. Therefore, the people in Bangladesh receive similar training to the people in Canada, Singapore or wherever our partners may be.
? C.J.: Does Microsoft have any specific plan to protect cyber crime in Bangladesh?

J.P.: This program on forensic investigations is one way we build awareness of the types of cyber crimes that can occur. This in turn helps professionals in the public sector understand the risks that exist, and enables them to prepare for such risks better.

HP PSG Launched NO 1 Campaign
HP Personal Systems Group (HP PSG) has launched HP PSG campaign which says that, HP is No. 1 Notebook in Bangladesh Based on Springboard Research CY072. HP PSG has wide range of Notebooks and desktops and their configuration and performance is depicted through different POS materials. HP Partner outlets in Dhaka and Chittagong have been aptly decorated with HP PSG Notebooks posters, stickers, table toppers and buntings.

This program has been intensified with road shows by HP Notebook branded Pick Up Vans and in Shopping malls. HP Notebook branded Van has browsed the whole Dhaka and Chittagong city with the slogan, You made us number 1 in Bangladesh Road shows were carried out in two of the most renowned shopping malls of Dhaka, Bashundhara City, and Multiplan Centre. The HP branded van circled from the old to the new town of Dhaka and covered Dhaka University, TSC, Aparajeo Bangla, Charukola Institute, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Govt Titumir College, Dhaka College, Dhaka New Market, Eden College, North South University, Brac University, East West University, University of Asia Pacific, The Shangsad Bhaban etc. In Chittagong the van covered Haji Mohammad Mohsin College, Independent University etc. D-Link Unveils Its mpower Partner Program at Dhaka

Reinforcing its focus on the SI/ partner community, D-Link India on 4th February 2008, unveiled the Empower Partner Programme at Dhaka. Aimed at the ever growing D-Link partner network, the programme revolves around exclusive benefits such as product previews, joint marketing funds, product training, rebates, lead generation systems and marketing support among others.

Debraj Dam, AVPÐOperationÐEast, D-Link India said Bangladesh is an emerging market with tremendous potential for D-Link. The Empower Partner Programme will help us reach out to the Bangladesh market. It will help us forge closer ties with our partners and upgrade their skill sets to enable them to move up the value chain.

The programme is targeted at D-Links current as well as new and emerging SIs/ partners and helps them get ready access to cater to the fast growing SMB and SME markets in Bangladesh. The Empower Partner Programme which also combines a reward and incentive programme which will periodically be rolled out across India. For more information : IOM Showcased TOSHIBA Notebook PCs at AIUB IOM (International Office Machines Limited), the sole distributor of TOSHIBA notebook pcs and copiers in Bangladesh since 1975, organized a road show at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) premises during February 12-14, 2008, as parts of its relentless effort to popularize the notebook pcs in the education sector which includes students, teachers and professionals relating to the education institutes.

During the road show IOM had aware the visitors about the diverse product range of Toshiba notebook pcs and inform the visitors about the various usability of Toshiba notebook pc. The IOM officials at the road show had briefed the visitors about the product line of Toshiba notebook pcs, benefits of different models of Toshiba notebook pcs, prices, special offers, after sales services, warranty etc.

IOM has ensured enhanced level of customer satisfaction in line with its corporate objective to deliver flawless office automation services to its consumers. Good Management Campaign Award, Logistics Championship Club Award, Gold Award for uality Service Engineering and Best Marketer Award are some international recognition of their consistent accomplishments. HP Campaigns - Science of Brilliant Printing Road Show Countrywide

The leader in printing technology, Hewlett-Packard (HP) has started the Science behind Brilliant Printing campaign countrywide on 19 February 2008. Under this campaign HP is conducting reseller briefing sessions, customer information services and road shows in selected cities of Bangladesh. Shabbir Shafiullah, Country Business Development Manager (IPG) and A.K. Azad, Channel Sales Manager of Hewlett-Packard launched the campaign in Rajshahi along with 50 Business Partners of greater Rajshahi division. In the reseller briefing session Shafiullah said that HP is holding number 1 position world-wide in Injket printer, All-in-one printers, Scanners, Mono and Color Laser Printers for their superior and innovative technology. Moniruzzaman, Vice President of Flora Ltd. assured the resellers to provide best support to ensure HP customers and resellers gets prompt services and supports.

HP has placed, counterfeit-proof Anti-Tampering label on all original HP print-cartridge boxes. This label has a HP Number and a uniue secret Password printed on them. After purchasing an original HP print-cartridge, the customer can scratch-off the grey area of the HP Anti-tampering label to reveal the password. Next, they can log into and key-in the HP Number and Password they found on the Label. Instantly they will be notified if they have purchased an original print-cartridge.
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