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Gigabyte – Intel Joint Press Conference Held

Recently Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards held a joint press conference at Hanover in Germany with chipset giant Intel, announcing Intel’s latest technologies delivered from the next generation chipsets, as well as a technical briefing introducing Gigabyte’s Ultra DurableTM 3 Technology and upcoming technology trends.

The event kicked off with the opening speech from Henry Kao, World Wide Sales & Marketing Vice President of Gigabyte Technology Motherboard Business Unit. He said ‘Since 2006, Gigabyte’s core strategy is to focus on delivering high quality, high spec and high performance motherboards.’

Following was an introduction of Intel’s new generation processors and chipsets from Zane. A. Ball, Director of Microprocessor Product Marketing, Intel Business Client Group.

Rockson Chiang, Technical Marketing Manager at Gigabyte Technology Motherboard Business Unit presented a series of innovative Gigabyte technologies.

Vincent Chen, Product Manager VGA Business Unit, next presented Gigabyte’s Ultra DurableTM VGA technology, featuring lower GPU and memory temperatures, higher over-clocking capability, and lower power switching loss, helping to extend the durability and performance of Gigabyte graphics products. Also included was an introduction of Gigabyte’s latest graphics cooling technology, Silent-Cell, that delivers state-of-the-art cooling performance for the ultimate in silent graphic card performance.
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