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Acer Introduces A New Line of Smart phones

Acer, the third largest vendor in the global PC market (source: Gartner data, 1H 2008) is introducing a new line of smartphones with a broad range of features and innovations. These first devices are mainly targeted at consumers who want to make use of excellent technology both for their personal and their professional needs.

ACER M900: For those who need to have access to email and files at all times, the M900 is an ideal smart handheld device. The M900 comes equipped with GPS, FM Radio, voice recorder and voice-command, as well as expandable memory, and a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with flash. High tech and reliable, the M900 provides security and convenience for the effective management of your business communications on the go.

ACER F900: The F900 was developed to give total control over web browsing on the go. The new user-interface makes navigating through the device a pleasure, providing quick links to contacts, email messages, bookmarks, calendars, date and time, world weather and music.

ACER X960: The X960 is an all-purpose tool designed for those who want multiple features without having to carry several devices.

ACER DX900: The DX900 is the world’s first Dual-SIM Smartphone to support both 3.5G (HSDPA) and 2.75G (EDGE) SIM cards allowing you to keep track of both personal and business communications.

Acer products distributed in Bangladesh by its business and service partner Executive Technologies Ltd.
Contact : 01919222222 .
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