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GIGABYTE Ranked 19th

Despite a bruising global recession, Gigabyte was ranked 19th in the ‘2009 Info Tech 100 Taiwan’ list by the Business Next Magazine among 100 Taiwan tops. This will be a value-added award to Gigabyte brand image and visibility in the market.

Business Next Magazine has conducted an evaluation of 515 publicly traded Taiwan IT companies. The judging criteria for ‘2009 Info Tech 100 Taiwan’ are based on the appraisal criteria of ‘Business Week’. According to four indexes, Revenue, Revenue Growth, Return on Equity (ROE), and Total Return, Business Next Magazine analyzes and ranks GIGABYTE as No. 19 in the list.

In recent years, GIGABYTE has reached out to more customer segments with diversified product portfolio and innovative technology. On June 2009, GIGABYTE unveils the latest range of innovative motherboards featuring 24-phase power VRM design and Smart 6 technologies. GIGABYTE’s proprietary 24-phase power VRM is designed to enhance efficiency of power delivery to the CPU while reducing heat essentially by spreading the workload over the 24 power phases.

GIGABYTE also exhibits vast collection of product solutions in international tradeshows in order to improve brand visibility worldwide .
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