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Safe IT Services, the sole distributor of world famous Networking Product Brand PCi in Bangladesh has recently introduced SWP-0208G model of PCi brand Layer 2 Web Smart Gigabit Switch. The SWP-0208G has high performance supports 8 1000BASE-T ports/ 2 mini GBIC slots ( 2 Giga combo ports). The Gigabit web smart switch was designed for easy installation and high performance in an environment where traffic on the network and the number of users increase continuously. This switch can offer using need to quickly transfer large band-width, its wire-speed switching eliminates bottlenecks that build up on heavy traffic servers and backbone connections, offering a truly comfortable and speedy networking environment. The product also supports high-speed broadband. This Switch (SWP-0208G) must be one’s best choice. Contact: 01817149305
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