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Computer Jagat Recognizes Individual's Contribution Towards Vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh
Vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh

The present government has completed its three years of its tenure and has experienced significant achievements in its relentless drive to achieve `Vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh'. Computer Jagat recognizes the contributions of few individuals, who have made exemplary contributions in the society to realize the dream of much talked about Digital Bangladesh. These contributors are ranked below in various categories.

Category: e-Leadership

Architect Yeafesh Osman.

He has inspired young and old alike through his emotional and encouraging poetry along with his inspirational leadership as State Minister for Science & ICT Ministry since January 2009 to November 2011. During his tenure as State Minister for Science & ICT he has hosted international event like eASiA 2011 and established new organizations as High Tech Park Authority, Office of the Controller of Certifying Authority. His far sighted vision has enabled establishment of country’s first TIER 3 Certified Data Center.

Dr. Akram H. Chowdhury.

He has established a model use of ICT in governance in his own Naogaon-3 parliamentary constituency. His enthusiasm to use and promote ICT in his work as Member of Parliament to bring transparency and accountability to his constituency reflects his commitment towards realizing Vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh. He has also been instrumental in establishing e-Parliament Research Center.

Nazrul Islam Khan.

Until today he has been an exceptional organizer and instrumental in organizing UNDP funded Acessto Information A2I Program to roll out the e-Services throughout the country. His ideas of prototyping of e-services in Jessore and then rolling out throughout Bangladesh and his commitment to create awareness amongst the stake holders have been exemplary.

Md. Mahfuzur Rahman.

His inspirational managerial abilities and dedication has transformed Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) to a dedicated Digital Bangladesh work force. He has led the small team of BCC’s workforce to achieve the glory of implementing multiple programs to establish CeCs, UISCs, Computer Training Labs in educational institutions, National Data Center, ICT Training for the students and professionals in of Bangladesh.

Professor Lutful Kabir.

He has demonstrated exemplary characteristics as a researcher and educationist in the country. His innovation through his research in the area of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) has enabled Bangladesh to conduct local elections through EVM successfully dispelling all fears of rigging.

Professor Zafar Iqbal.

His innovation of using ICT for admission to Shah Jalal University brought an end to the hassle of admission seekers. The innovation has been replicated in other universities as well. He is also a popular bangla science fiction writer and has promoted innovation and freelancing amongst the young generation.

Mustafa Jabbar.

He has always been vocal on leveraging ICT for economic alleviation of Bangladesh through his writings in news papers and presenting TV programs. His contribution towards use of Bangla in desktop computing has revolutionized the printing industry in Bangladesh. He has also contributed in developing bangla software for visually challenged person.

Tarique M Barkatullah.

His contributions in various important national ICT projects have been exceptional. He has been involved at various capacities in these projects. His contributions to build the country’s first TIER 3 Certified National Data Center as Program Director needs special recognition. National Data Center has also won international recognition through winning Manthan Award for digital inclusion in e-infrastructure category.

Sarkar Abul Kalam Azad.

His contribution as Deputy Director Training of BCC in promoting e-education through establishment of computer training labs in educational institutions has helped the spread of ICT education in the country. His effort has been lauded internationally through the Manthan Award 2011 for the establishment of computer training labs in the schools.

Anir Choudhury.

As a Policy Adviser in Acessto Information (A2I) program of Prime Minister’s Office his contribution to draft plans and rolling out of national programs to achieve Digital Bangladesh has been extremely successful. His outstanding ability to document the plan and procedure has been instrumental in many successful launching of e-services. His contribution to plan the hosting of e-Asia 2011 in Bangladesh is the contributing factor towards successful hosting of this mega ICT event in Bangladesh.

Abul Kashem Md Shirin.

As a career banker working with Dutch Bangla Bank his ideas and works have brought m-Banking to forefront supporting local e-commerce. His effort has helped spread of m-Banking easing remittance from non-resident Bangladeshi reaching the family with ease. His vision and contribution towards mobile banking has opened up new vista for business and citizen services.

Ajoy Kumar Bose.

Being one of the key players in his efforts have enabled learning through education easier to the children through the SMART Classroom project. The smart class room is enabling students to understand the lessons comprehensively. The SMART Classroom uses ICT as a tool for education of all subjects. The content developed under this project is usable by all from class 6 to class 8 of national curriculum.

Ms. Luna Shamsudoha.

Her effort to organize women in the ICT industry has encouraged women entrepreneurship in the ICT arena. She herself head one of the country’s premier software & service company. Her dedication to the ICT industry has enabled Dohatec New Media to play visionary role in developing the data collection and biometric matching solution for national voter roll by Bangladesh Election Commission.

Ms. Sonia Bashir Kabir.

She is country head of the international brand DELL. She brings with her the experiences of working in SUN, Microsoft Corporation before joining DELL Bangladesh as a country head of Bangladesh operation. She stands as an example for other ICT professional to excel professionally in the knowledge based industry without fear of cast, creed and sex in this industry.

Tapan Kanti Sarkar.

He has been instrumental in forming country’s first Banker’s CTO Forum. His efforts has generated new enthusiasm in bringing organized thoughts into the decision making process to leverage ICT in the banking industry of Bangladesh.

Sadequa Hassan Sejuti.

As the MD of FSB (Future soltuon for Business) and with an academic background in architecture, she gained the ability to craft unique ideas into practical & applicable designs. She embarked on a journey back in January 2009 to a remote village with her project ‘My Country MY village’ a first of its kind project that takes computers and web access to the lowest income group and empowers them. This project is the real possibility of a Digital Bangladesh, where digital technology reaches out to the furthest corners of our country bringing change to countless lives.

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