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New Steps Of Google
The search pioneer Google is now shifting their focus from big cities to lesser known cities.’Google’ is now almost synonymous for ‘search’ in with web,just like ‘XEROX’ fo ‘photocopy’.
Now this search giant is trying to focus better in the smaller cities for greater profits and east to avail expert human resources.It is a good news both for consumers and online marketers specially people in the seo purposes.People who are starting seo for their business can also reach this niche of market after these declarations.
The main motive of Google is to introduce their services to as many peoples they like.According to a recent survey almost 3 million people used to acess internet.The number is almost 10 million now.According to Vinay Goel of Google India-“In small cities the growth of net users is almost 37%,which is better than many big cities”
To popularize their services Google has taken a new initiatives and introduced ‘Internet-Bus’ which is travelling around 11 states in india.Now it is the turn of West Bengal.According to Google more than 20 lakhs of people is experiencing the web for the first time for this service.
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