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হোম > Roundtable Discussion on Ensuring Sustainable Growth of Community Radio in Bangladesh
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Roundtable Discussion on Ensuring Sustainable Growth of Community Radio in Bangladesh

A roundable descussion on “Ensuring Sustainable Growth of Community Radio in Bangladesh Removing Barriers, Increasing Effectiveness” was organised by World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) Asia Pacific jointly with Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) and Mass-line Media Centre (MMC) on 9th July08 at Dhaka. The program was supported by UNESCO-Bangladesh and KATALYST.

The innaugural ceremony was chaired by Abdul Muyeed Chowdhury and Jamil Osman, Secretary – Ministry of Information was present there as the chief guest.

In the welcome speech, Bazlur Rahman, the CEO of BNNRC mentioned that, the present Govt. has recently taken the decision to issue licenses to organisations interested to set up and operate community radio stations according to the Community Radio Policy 2008 announced earlier on March, 2008. A number of Bangladeshi organisations were struggling for a long time to obtain licenses for Community Radio Broadcasting. These organisations along with other associated concerns promptly came forward to apply for the license. At least 178 applications have been received by the Ministry of Information and it is expected that at least 50 Community Radio Stations will start functioning in the first phase. For finalising the Community Radio License processing three committees have been set up as follows: National Regulatory Committee, Technical Sub-Committee and Central Monitoring Committee.

Bazlur Rahman further said that BNNRC already had set up a help desk in its office in Dhaka to support in the registration process for the organisations interested to set up Community Radio and has received huge respons specially for technical assistance needed to conduct the project.

Bazlur Rahman also informed that BNNRC also initiated a Community Radio Academy to offer necessary assistance for rapid growth of this sector. The center will provide technical and management skills to the Community Radio staffs of the organisations joining this programe. The academy will also provide a platform for academia, researchers, government officials and policy makers to work together for the promotion of community Radio for the advancement of the country in all development sectors which will eventually lead to achieve the Millenium Development Goals.

Steve Buckley, president of AMARC was present in the roundtable discussion and presented a paper on global overview of Community Radio Stations and briefed an assesment of impact of Community Radio.

During an interview with Computer Jagat he informed that use of Community Radio is expanding in all the countries around the globe and like the government of Bangladesh, it is being accepted gradually by more and more governments. He pointed out that in the present context of Bangladesh, Community Radio can play a very constructive role in making people aware of corruption and holding a free and fair election.

While commenting about the impact of Community Radio around the world, Buckley said that in humanitarian issues like disaster mitigation, gender discrimination, dealing with MDG goals responsible for poverty eradication, the role of Community Radio is undisputable in Asia Pacific Region, Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Buckley further said that in many countries Community Radio acts as a development agent and helps in providing information to people, giving the scope to speak out their feelings and surrounding problems, recovering from natural disaster. powering of women, inclusion of marginalised people in social activities.

A number of delegates from India and Nepal also participated in the roundtable, The Community Radio services have been started in India and Nepal a couple of years back. At present there are more than 50 Community Radio Centers in Nepal. The representatives of these two countries shared their experiences about different issues of Community Radio with representatives of different Bangladeshi organisations present in the rountable which will help them to make sustainable growth of Community Radio in Bangladesh overcoming the impending barriers and increasing effectivness.

Pi. The innaugural ceremony, chaired by Abdul Muyeed Chowdhury
Like the government of Bangladesh, Community Radio is being accepted gradually by more and more governments around the globe.
-Steve Buckley, President, AMARC

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