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HP Unveils Updated ENVY Laptops
HP Unveils Updated ENVY Laptops
HP recently has unveiled its latest generation Envy laptops. HP ENVY series is for the customer who wants premium laptop at an affordable price. The new 13.3” diagonal HP ENVY laptop comes with four more hours of battery life up to 14 hours compared to last year’s model, thanks to larger battery and the new Intel 7th gen processors. At 14mm and 3.15lbs, the new HP ENVY is slightly thicker and heavier than the previous generation, but now boasts a larger battery and the latest generation Intel Core processors for more battery life.
An elevated hinge design provides a more comfortable typing experience coupled with a backlit keyboard for working in low light and an extra-wide glass touchpad for less resistance. Customers can also opt for the optional edge-to-edge flush glass display with a QHD+ and UHD panels. Customers can also choose a FHD panel or add touch with the QHD+ display option. It also comes with dual speakers tuned by Bang & Olufsen plus HP Audio Boost Technology that offer amazing sound.
Other features include : Two USB 3.0 ports, including one dedicated to sleep and charge, and one USB Type-C port; 7th Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors; Up to a 1TB SSD PCIe provides fast response times when opening or moving large files; Up to 16GB RAM; HP Fast Charge up to 90 percent in 90 minutes.
The HP ENVY Laptop isavailable on and selected retailers from October 26, 2016 starting at $849.99 w

Mozilla’s Revenue Jumps 28%
Mozilla recently reported that revenue for 2015 was up 28% over the year before, the largest increase in three years.
Nearly all the $421 million booked by the Mozilla Foundation came from royalty payments, the bulk of which originated, as always, from search deals that set defaults in the Firefox browser.
Mozilla Foundation is the nonprofit organization that oversees Mozilla Corp., the commercial arm which builds and maintains Firefox for personal computers and smartphones.
Mozilla’s revenue from all search contracts climbed to $410 million in 2015, a year-over-year increase of 41%. The bulk of the revenue jump came from the deal Mozilla struck with Yahoo, which pays the browser maker $375 million annually.
According to a financial statement, $417 million, or 99% of all revenue, came from royalty payments. The percentage of revenue derived from royalties has never dipped below 91% — Mozilla’s fortunes have always been tightly linked to the Firefox search deals — but 2015’s portion was the highest since 2010.
Although Mozilla has tried to diversify its revenue sources, notably in early 2014 when it experimented with in-browser advertising, those attempts have not succeeded. Mozilla dropped the in-Firefox ad idea in December 2015, for example.
Nor has it been able to monetize mobile to any extent: Its Android and iOS versions of Firefox — the latter is actually just a wrapper around Apple’s Safari browser — have never been able to collect more than a minuscule portion of the market. Mozilla’s revenues, then, largely rely on the desktop Firefox, which runs on Windows, macOS and Linux w

Nokia turns to Android for its Smartphone Rebirth
Back when the first Android smartphones rolled off the assembly line in 2009, they weren’t just competing against Apple. Feature-phone pioneer Nokia commanded a large chunk of the market, and it was hard at work on its own open-source touchscreen platform. We all know how that story ended. Android and Apple took over the market and Nokia floundered for years with half-baked handsets until Microsoft mercifully put Nokia’s smartphone segment out of its misery after acquiring the business last year.
But like a classic B movie, Nokia is back from the dead. Well, kind of. Earlier this year Microsoft sold the Nokia branding rights to Finland-based HMD Global, and the first fruits of that labor are due to appear in the first half of 2017. And like the Nokia N1—an iPad mini clone with handwriting-based search—they will run Android. It remains to be seen just how much Nokia is in these phones beyond the name on the rear, but it’s a good comeback story nonetheless.
You can sign up on the Nokia website for information as it’s released, but for now, the company is only speaking about its new phones in very broad terms, promising “Elegant simplicity, trusted reliability, and lasting quality,” attributes often promised and rarely delivered. But Nokia does have one thing going for it: instant brand recognition.
Nokia’s new tagline is “Inspired by ambition,” and it’s hard to argue with its tenaciousness. A Nokia smartphone is sure to garner a fair amount of attention within the Android community, but it’s entering an extremely crowded and competitive market. However, if the price is right it could build itself a nice little niche w

Acer Swift 7: The World’s Thinnest Laptop
With this skinny ultraportable, you’ll trade performance and features for quiet and silence.
A slender laptop certainly turns heads—but with an MSRP of $1,100, the Swift 7’s constrained performance and lack of Thunderbolt 3 make HP’s Spectre 13.3 (which is almost equally thin) seem like a better...
Acer boasts that its Swift 7 is the “world’s thinnest notebook PC.” While technically true, that marketing angle sells only one aspect of the machine—and it’s not the most important one.
PC vendors love to sell the idea of thin, and for good reason. Thin implies light, portable, and attractive. But a notebook can end up spreading outward (making it larger and more difficult to pack) or sacrificing performance in the quest to be the thinnest. The Acer Swift 7 does both.
So while this $1,100 13-inch notebook (available at Amazon) is slender and quiet, it’s bigger and slower than similarly priced ultrabooks. Rivals like the barely thicker HP Spectre 13.3 and smaller-but-heftier Dell XPS 13 easily outpace the Swift 7. It is a good-looking laptop, though w

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