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A step towards Digital System of RHD
Kazi Sayeda Momtaz
Computer System AnalystRoads and Highways Department
RHD Roads and Highways Department is responsible for the management of the National, Regional and District road network of about 21302.08 kilometer and about 18258 bridges under the Bangladesh Government. RHD is also responsible for construction and maintenance of the major road network of Bangladesh. Mission: To provide a safe cost effective and well maintained road network.RHD is the forefront institution in Bangladesh in introducing E-governance and E-government procurement. RHD had officially launched RHD website in July 2003. The website contains a wide variety of information on technical and managerial issues. This includes roads and bridges data, personal data, financial project information, different manuals, rules and regulations, citizen charter and standard test procedures, design standards for roads and bridges as well as management plans for each area. All division office of RHD uses the Central Management System (CMS) for financial process and everyone has to expense their Annual Budget through CMS.
CMS Central Management System:
CMS holds all tender and contract information including payment certificate, vouchers and cheque book records and shows both physical and financial progress of RHD works. Nobody can expense their budget without CMS. The infoimation contained on the website ( is traceable to detail records. RHD road maps are also available in this website which is produced by the RHD-GlS (Geographical lnformation System) in an easy accessible format. Maps can be printed from any local or network printer. Web based email and file transfer facility is also available for RHD registered network users only.
RHD continuously maintains MIS (containing various databases like organization database, RMMS, BMMS, CMS etc.) to facilitate its day to day activities. RHD undertakes the assignment Document Management System (DMS) to enhance the operational efficiency of head office, zonal, circle & division offices of RHD through digitizing various documents such as official documents, legal papers, reports, plans, manuals, specifications, drawings, maps etc. The purpose is to establish a digital archiving system that can facilitate the concerned officers and employees of RHD to digitally store the documents and easily and instantly search the documents whenever necessary.
In addition to high volume of backlogged documents, lot of documents has been prepared, verified and approved every day that explicitly becomes heavy volume in the coming days. The documents are piled up traditionally as physical files in office cabinets, drawers etc. and even open space. The quality of the documents (physical files) decreases gradually and as a result it is going to become cumbersome to read the content of the documents and document finding becomes time-consuming.
The assignment shall involve the followings (but not limited to):
Customization and implementation of commercially off the shelf software (Enterprise level scalable electronic document imaging system)
Deployment of necessary consultant to customize the software for RHD
Document digitization – scanning and archiving
Data entry, verification and validation
Supply of necessary hardware and software for complete functioning of the system
Training and capacity building
Operation, maintenance and warranty support
The Roads and Highways Department (RHD) has been on track in implementing e-GP in its Procuring entities (PEs). National e-government Procurement (e-GP) Portal ( of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh is developed, owned and being operated by the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU), IME Division of Ministry of Planning. The e-GP system Provides an on-Line platform to Carryout The procurement activities by the public Agencies -Procuring Agencies (PAs) and procuring Entities (PEs).
The e-GP system is a single web portal form where and Through attended the session the e-GP is an online platform for carrying e-procurement activities by procuring Agencies (PAs) and procuring Entity (PEs). In the first phase, e-tendering has been introduced on a pilot basis in four sectored agencies namely RHD, BWDE, LGED and REB. RHD Published about 8730 tender in e-GP portal and already 6950 tender a warded by e-GP portal and it is a Continues Process Up to 50 crore all tender of RHD published by e-GP portal and it is CE, RHD’s order.
The e-GP system is a single web portal form where and Through which Pts and PEs will be able to Perform their procurement related activities wring a dedicated and secured web based dashboard Through the internet. The e-GP solution introduced the online platform also helps Them ensuring equal access to the Bidders and also ensuring efficiency , transparency and accountability in the Public Procurement process in Bangladesh.
The Roads and Highways Department (RHD) has been on track in implementing e-GP in its Procuring entities (PEs). It has received good response form tenders to be system which is hassle-free, safe and secure. The national electronic government Procurement Portal ( is developed, established and maintained by Central Procurement Technical Unit of Implementation monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) under the Ministry of planning . The e-GP system is an online platform for the conduct of public procurement by the procuring agencies (PAs) and PEs of the government.
This is the only web portal by which procuring agencies and entities can conduct public procurement through a secure web dash board. The e-GP system has been hosted at the Central Data Center of CPTU, The PAs and PEs can have access to the web portal by using internet.
e-GP is implemented under the public procurement reform project-II supported by World Bank. The system will gradually be rolled out to all government PAs and PEs. Therefore, it is creating wider opportunities for competition in the process of public procurement. The government is very sincere in effective use of e-GP as it enhances skills, improves transparency and accountability in the procumbent of goods, works and services.
The government declared the e-GP Guidelines as per the Section 65 of the Public procurement. Act 2006. in line with the guideline e-GP system has been implemented in two phases, Under the first phases e-tendering was implemented on a pilot basis in 16 offices of four target agencies under the PPRP-II and in CPTU as well. The target agencies are Roads and Highways Department (RHD), Local Government and Engineering Department (LGED), Bangladesh water Development Board (BWDB) and Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB). The system then has been expanded to 295 PEs of the target agencies up to district level and put on its way to be implemented across all the government PAs and PEs.
Under the second phase, e-contract management system (e-CMS) has been implemented by which all activities like work plan, setting of milestones, monitoring and evaluation of procurement process, report generation, quality supervision, preparation of current bill, classification of suppliers and completion certification relation to contract management are carried out electronically.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the e-GP portal ( on June 2, 2011 and asked all government agencies to conduct public procurement through e-GP.
Recommended Hardware; A system with duel core processor, 1 GB RAM or above, 10 GB HDD or above. Ethernet base Network Interface Modem or mode of connecting internet UPS for power backup.
Software requirement, windows based operating system Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8, Windows Vista. Web browser-Internet Explorer 8 or 9, Mozilla Firefox 3.6x, 13y, 14x, Latest antivirus running on the system.
The e-GP guidelines ware approved by The government of Bangladesh in Pursuant to section 65 of the Public procurement Act, 2006.
e-gp(Eleckonic Government Procurement):
2 June 20ll Honorable Prime Minister opened the e-gp portal. CE, RHD ordered all officer to go e-gp. RHD is the pioneer of e-gp.. Already Total 8722 tender published through e-gp portal and 6950 awarded by e-gp portal. Up to 50 core all tender of Roads and Highways Department go through e-gp portal.

In this regards RHD always scheduled Bidders training program for e-gp all over Bangladesh. In this context recently RHD completed Bidders training programme about e-gp in Khulna Zone. About 22 bidders participate with this programme

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