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Popular Russian publication Computer Press Magazine recently awarded Transcend its ‘Editor`s Choice’ recognition in the magazine`s review of the StoreJet 25P portable hard drive. Transcend`s StoreJet 25P was praised by Computer Press for its portable convenience and reliability. The fact that StoreJet 25P outperformed all rival products from its competitors demonstrates how Transcend has successfully developed into a serious consumer electronics manufacturer with innovative, high-quality products.

Computer Press`s praise of the StoreJet 25P can be found in the latest issue of the magazine. Computer Press is the biggest computer magazine in Russia with over 373,000 readers per month. Focusing primarily on new technology and high-tech products, Computer Press covers all the hottest gadgets and gear with in-depth product testing and analyses, while zeroing-in on the latest technological trends and breakthroughs around the world. Its readers include working professionals, IT-savvy individuals and even newcomers who seek knowledge into the world of IT and consumer electronics.

Being the exclusive distributor of Transcend in Bangladesh, United Computer Centre has been serving the market with all Transcend StoreJet 2.5” Portable Hard Drive models with a variety of capacity ranging from 160GB to 500GB. For further details, call : 8120789.
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