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New Delhi: As a rebuff to MIT's One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, the $10 laptop from National Mission on Education will be introduced in India. The basic mindset behind the introduction of the low-cost gadget is to extend computer infrastructure and connectivity to over 18,000 colleges in India.

Apart from questioning the technology of $100 laptops, the main reason for Indian HRD ministry's resistance to MIT's Nicholas Negroponte's OLPC project was the high and the hidden cost that worked out to be $200, report The Economic Times. The ministry has entered into an agreement with four publishers, Macmillan, Tata McGraw Hill, Prentice-Hall and Vikas Publishing to upload their textbooks on 'Sakshat', a government online portal. With an 11th plan outlay of Rs.4,612 crore, the Indian government would give Rs.2.5 lakh per institution for 10 Kbps connection and subsidize 25 per cent of costs for private and state government colleges.
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০৮ ডিসেম্বর ২০০৯, ১২:১২ AM
Are you sure it is $10 PC? If it's yes then wow.
And are you sure it is 10Kbps? If it's yes then howcome they are going back to the Ice Age?
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